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Velehentor - From The Gloom Of Graves: Stonewells Of Æternity

Dark ambient.
Classic dark ambient: cold echoes of the unknown rituals, roaming in te utter darkness of resonant stone labyrynths. Paranoiac trance induced by the feeling of lifeless presence in the anscient crypts, breathing with deadly dampness. Icy calmness of indifferent doom. The album was recorded in winter 1999-2000. Packed in an absolutely black digipak (double-sided print, double black paint), the pictures are applied with varnish. [label info]

1 Stonewells Of Æternity 8:25
2 Metakosm — Ritual Of Annihilation 21:28
3 Rehtaf Ruo — Ritual Of Desecration 9:16
4 Ptomaine Trance. Undead Ones Of The Gloom — Ritual Of Death 8:00
5 The Bell — Ritual Of Dethronement 7:05

CD, digipack, ltd. 460
Desolate Catacombs of SMERSH
12 EUR